Lyman powder funnel set


The lyman smith precision brass powder funnel kit is the ideal system for those who want to make a serious recharge. The antistatic assembly, resulting in more powder that remains hung on the funnel as happened with plastic material. The solid construction and quality of the smith precision brass powder funnel kit will be obvious from its first use. This is not a single “one size” funnel. The smith precision brass powder funnel kit uses precision calibrated and machined inserts to fit the case perfectly. The set comes with a padded box to store your gear neatly when not in use. The funnel comes with 6 inserts for cases of gauge 22.243 / 6 mm, 25 / 6.5 mm, 270 / 7 mm, 30 and 338. Anti-static cast aluminium body made of turned aluminium. Turned aluminium inserts for calibres 22 to 338. Inserts easily and quickly to put on and take off. Practical handle with padded storage box. The gauge is laser marked on each insert.

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