Lyman Precision Funnel Set


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The Lyman Brass Smith Pro Powder Funnel is designed for serious reloaders looking to enhance the quality and capabilities of their reloading gear over common, one-size-fits-all plastic powder funnels commonly seen on the market.

The Lyman Brass Smith Pro Powder Funnel is constructed with a die-cast aluminum body that pairs up with precisely machined inserts.

The design is completely static-free, meaning that reloaders won’t have loose powder flakes clinging to the sides of the funnel.

The specially machined inserts are also caliber-specific, allowing for more precise loading of certain cartridge cases.

Inserts designed for calibers ranging from .22 to .338.

Padded storage case included Included handle allows for easy use.

The Lyman Brass Smith Pro Powder Funnel is easy to use and can be quickly modified with caliber-specific inserts in no time at all.


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