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Napier Apex Tree Hugger Suspended Gralloch Kit Web Strapping Hanging System

The kit contains a Hi Vis 2m Strap, that is specially made from Cross Weave Webbing, it is non slip, self gripping and very strong.
2 Strong S Hooks and two pairs of disposable gloves and a handy storage pouch.

Simply locate a suitable tree, ALL TREES ARE VERTICAL, so that bit is easy, Min 25 cm and max about 100cm, no need to seek the largest tree in the woods, If you can’t hug it its too big!
Then simply wrap the strap as shown and it will self grip, Hock the animal and hang it one leg at a time.
Very simple, hygienic and quick.

Guidelines and current best Practice now endorse and recommend a suspended gralloch where at all possible.

Quite rightly, food hygiene rules also apply and most game dealers are not keen on taking a contaminated or unchilled carcass.

Without doubt a cleaner and better evisceration can be carried out suspended, the APEX Autoclick has proven very popular, to perform this on the back of any SUV.
But It’s not always possible to access an animal and becomes necessary to do this on the spot.

Usually this involves hunting for a suitable horizontal branch, and hope it does not break part way through!
Not any more, just attach a light weight Tree Hugger kit to your belt and you are ready to go, anywhere anytime.


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